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It is paradoxical that a community should be called an elm forest or “tree town” when most of its original area had been treeless prairie land and all of its elm trees planted by such pioneers as Lathrop, Bryan, and Wadhams.

From 1840-1869 Elmhurst was called Cottage Hill and was mostly prairie. Thomas Barbour Bryan helped to change the name to Elmhurst at a citizens meeting in Byrd’s Nest Chapel in 1869.  The name means “tree forest” in German.

Elmhurst is older than most of the surrounding cities. It sits on top of limestone that has been quarried since 1883 by the Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Company that is still active at the West end of Fist St. Elmhurst also sits at a higher elevation than other local cities. It is seventy feet higher than the Des Planes River. Elmhurst sits on a ridge with drainage on both East and West sides. It has the (Salt) Creek on the West.

ELMHURST: Trails From Yesturday by Don Russel

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ELMHURST: Trails From Yesturday by Don Russel
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